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6 Nutrition for Pregnant to Avoid Fetal Health

The period of pregnancy for a woman is a very important period. Where the pregnant woman is required to continue to keep his health while health janinnya. Because of this, nutrition of pregnant women should certainly would be sure to let the fetus they contain remain healthy. Pregnant women are not allowed to consume food. There are some good food and it is not good to be consumed by pregnant women. Of course, a pregnant woman must consume foods that are good for the health of the fetus and the mother, especially is food-food that is recommended by the obstetrician.

The nutritional intake of pregnant determine the health of the fetus. Thus, a pregnant mom should really control the pattern and menu food consumed. In fact diet for pregnant women is very similar to the concept of patterns healthy eating. However, for a pregnant woman required more be careful in choosing food. It is because not every good healthy food to be consumed by pregnant women. Remember back that nutrition on pregnant women is the very thing that determine the condition and health of the fetus.

The following are some of the types of nutrients needed by expectant mothers and sample his food as nutrition intake of pregnant women.

Folic Acid

folate is needed by the fetus. The fetus requires folic acid withthe number of the lot to the formation of cells and the system was. If one of the nutrition of pregnant women is not met with great numbers, Hence the creation of cells and nervous system of a fetus will take place not perfect so that it will lead to a baby born with a variety of disorders. Some examples of foods that contain a lot of folic acid and recommended in order to be consumed by the pregnant mother is brown rice, fruits, and green vegetables.


in pregnant women the next and of course to be met is
calcium. Calcium is essential for the formation of bones and teeth of the fetus.
In addition, if pregnant women consume foods containing calcium
with the amount of enough or even more, pregnant women can escape
of the disease osteoporosis. A shortage of calcium intake will make a fetus
take the calcium in the bones of the mother. Well, here’s
the cause why pregnant women calcium intake gets less vulnerable
exposed to the disease osteoporosis. Foods that contain a lot of calcium
and highly recommended for pregnant mothers milk is consumed,
green vegetables, and nuts.


pregnant also was supposed to consume foods that contain a lot of
protein. It is because the protein functions as a shaper of the cell
and the blood. Protein is also one of the sources of calories as well as substances
builders. Foods that contain a lot of protein for example, tempeh, tofu,
meat, and beans.


iron is also very important as the nutritional intake of pregnant women. Iron is very
important: for being able to help in the formation of blood cells, especially
red blood hemoglobin. In addition, consuming foods that contain
many iron can also make pregnant women avoid disease
anemia. Foods that contain a lot of iron for example, fish, meat,
and the heart.


lots of kinds. All foods that contain these kinds of
these vitamins are good for consumption of pregnant women. Vitamins can help
maintaining healthy teeth and gums, protecting the network from the organs of the body,
avoid brain damage, also helps bone growth of the baby. There are
lots of foods containing vitamins, fish liver, for example,
yellow, milk, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. All the food is good
to become a nutrition on pregnant women. Read also: 4 Good Vitamins for pregnant women.


pregnant are also advised to consume foods that contain a lot of
calories. While pregnant, pregnant women need extra calories approximately
300-400kkal per day. 4 healthy food is the perfect food 5
recommended to meet the calories needed by the
pregnant women. It’s good if the number of calories obtained comes from
different foodstuffs. For example, 55% comes from rice and
tubers which acts as a source of carbohydrates, 35% comes from
animal or vegetable fats, and 10% come from vegetables and
producing fruits as protein to supplement.

that’s the last few nutrition of pregnant women that must be met. Pregnant mom
should not egoistic with arbitrary consume foods of any kind. He is also
should pay attention to the growth and health of the her fetus. Pregnant women who
keep the diets will certainly have a more healthy fetus
compared to not keep eating patterns.